Add a Product - Team Logic Help System

Add a Product

Step 1: Create Product

  1. Click on Add product in the store drop down or select Add Product from the store dashboard.
  2. Enter the product name and the main category of the product.
  3. Click Continue


Step 2: Fill in Product Details

  1. Choose a name for the product. This name will appear as the title on the product page, the link in all category pages and all external links like
  2. Choose a category for this product. This is the main category the product will be in, you can add the product to other categories in the Related Categories section. 
  3. Fill in the price of the product in the Product Price field.

NOTE: This is all the required information for the product, you should fill in as much information as you have on hand to save time later and for optimal selling.

Step 3: Add Product Dimensions

  1. Fill in the Weight of the product. This number is only used for shipping calculations and can be estimated. It is REQUIRED for all live rate shipping options such as UPS.
  2. Fill in the Dimensions of the product if you have them. If they are not available, the weight will be enough to calculate to unless this is an unporportionate product such as a motorcycle fender (wide dimensions yet light). If you have the dimensions, add them in for more accurate shipping rates.

Step 4: Add a Product Description

The product description is very important for customers navigating your site and search engine ranking. By adding descriptive text on the product page you are greatly increasing the SEO value of the page as well as giving your customers more information about the products they are browsing.

The product description is created using the Team-Logic Editor which allows you to add images files and videos to the description.

Step 5: Click Save

Step 6: Upload a Photo

Products need photos for customers to see what they are purchasing. Products without good images are very unlikely to sell.

  1. Click on the Images and Files tab
  2. Choose the photo on your computer you want to upload for the product image in the Main Image Section.
  3. Add an image caption if applicable
  4. Click Upload Main Image

For more information on adding additional images and files read the Images and Files Tab Help Guide.

Step 7: Create a Custom Page Title

 Each page in your website should have a unique accurate, keyword-rich page title of about 7 words. The page title is what shows up in the search results and is what your potential customers will be clicking on, therefore it should be accurate, concise and product-specific.

  1. Click on the SEO tab
  2. Add your page title to the Custom Page Title field.

Step 8: Create a Custom URL

The custom URL allows you to craft the URL of this page. For example if you were working on a product called Brown Penny Loafer the address of the product could be Creating your own URLs can help visitors navigate your store, clean up site analytics and help your site climb in search result listings.

  1. Click on the SEO tab
  2. Add your custom URL to the Custom URL field.