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Add/Edit Category

To add a category click on "Add Category" in the store drop down or select "Add Category" from the top of the category page.


  • Name: This is the name of category. This will show on the category listing and in the store
  • Parent Category: If this is a subcategory of another category, choose its parent category here. If this is a top level category, leave this alone
  • Featured: Checking this box will mark this category as featured. Featured categories ar often displayed on the store's homepage, etc depending on the store's design.
  • Informational: Use this to create categories for informational purposes. Can be used to create store pages or show detailed information on a specific product. These categories will not be for sale.
  • Show Subcategory Icons: Checking this box will display all subcategories as icons on the main category page. Any products in the category will display below the subcategory icons. If this is unchecked, the category page will only display the category description, image and any products in that category, it will not display subcategories.
  • Discount: Applies a discount to all products in this category.
  • Image Upload: Choose an image for the category image. If an image is not chosen, the store will use the image of a product in the category.
  • Image Caption: Give the category image a caption.
  • Image Position: Use this setting to change the placement of the category image in respect to the category description. For example, to have the category image display to the left of the category description, choose "Left".
  • Custom Page Title: Used for search engine optimization. The page title defaults to the category name. This field will overide the default.
  • Custom URL: This allows you to change the URL of the category page. So for example, if you wanted had a category called "Shirts" you could make the URL of the category by typing "Shirts" in the box. You can also choose the extension of the URL by choosing an extension in the drop-down menu. So in the above example, you could have by choosing the .html extension in the drop-down box.
  • Meta Keywords: The keywords to use in the category page's meta keyword tag
  • Meta Description: The description to use in the category page's meta description tag
  • Catalog View: Changes the way the category displays products
    • Grid View: Displays products in a grid with image, product name and price.
    • List View: Displays products as a list with an image, product name, short description and price
    • Text View: Displays products as text only with product name, short description and price
    • Table View: Displays products in a table with the option of directly adding to the cart, image, product name, short description and price
  • Category Description: The description for the category. This will display at the top of the page with the category image. The description can be created using any combination of words, pictures, files and videos by using our media library in the editor. For more information on the media library, click here.