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Finding Your Web Page

Option 1 - Using Search

  1. Find the "Quick Search" area in the upper right of your screen
  2. Select "CMS Pages & Apps" from the dropdown menu
  3. Start typing what you want to find. An auto-complete will attempt to find matches. You can click on these matches or keep your search criteria
     Using CMS-Logic quick serach
  4. Click the "Go" button
  5. You will now have a search results page very similar to the CMS-Dashboard. Click on the item you are looking for.

The search will look for the following CMS items

  • Web pages - Searches by page title, it does not search all page content.
  • Navigations - Searches by navigation name
  • Content Panels - Searches by content panel name, panels are embedded in parts of your website (like the header).
  • Apps - Searches by application name, it will NOT search by items created in apps, like a specific news title.

I don't know the page title, how do I find it?

If you dont know the page title, browse to the page on your web site. The page title will be the first prevalent line.

Option 2 - Find a page via Navigation Interface

If you know what navigation the page is create on, you can edit the page from the navigation interface.

  1. Click on the "CMS-Logic" tab
  2. Click on the appropriate navigation from the "Navigations" section (upper right). An example would be "Header Navigation"
  3. Once in the navigation interface, find your page on the left side of the screen and click the "edit" button. Click here to learn where this icon is (Item E)