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Build a New Web Page

Creating a New Webpage via Navigation Tree Interface

Adding a new page to a navigation tree will also create a brand new editable page on your website.

  1. All pages must be tied to a navigation on your site. Click on the "CMS-Logic" tab and then find the "Navigations" section. Pick the navigation you would like the page to appear in and click on the name. Names could be "Main Navigation" or "Header". Generally these navigations are labeled according to where they appear on your site.
  2. Once in the navigation management screen, click the "add page" button located in the top right of the "Add Content" section on the right side of your screen.

  3. A popup will ask you to name the page and select the type. Select "Web Page (Standard)" and enter a title for the page. Click "select this mode and continue". More information on different page types is available here.

  4. You will now be in the edit page interface. The first step is to place the page on your navigation tree. Click on the "Navigation Link" tab. You can uncheck the "Active?" checkbox if you are not ready for the page to be visible on your website. Re-check this box when you are ready for visitors to look at your new page.

    You must also select the "Parent Page". This parent page determines where the page is on the navigation. Let's say your have a main site navigation that has a structure as below.
    • Customers
      • New Customers
      • Existing Customers
    • Staff
      • Staff Login
      • Job Openings
    • Affiliates
      • Become an Affiliate
    • About Us
      • Our Story
      • Contact Us

    Now assume the page you just created is titled "Our Location". We would probably want that page under "About Us". In this case, the "Parent Page" you select from the drop down will be "About Us".

    Click the "Save Button" when you are finished.

    Note: Managing the relationship between the page and the navigation can be accomplished more easily in the navigation management screen we visited in step 2.
  5. The next step is creating your page content. This is available in the "Page Content" tab. Use the editor to input your content and click the "Save" button. More information about the text editor is available here.
  6. You have just created a basic web page! After saving, click the "Preview" button in the upper right corner of the page edit screen. This will ensure the page looks exactly how you want it. Once you are ready to make the page viewable click the "Active" checkbox in the "Navigation Link" tab.

Adding an Existing Page to the navigation

To add an existing page to the tree that has been previously created, simply click the desired page title in the "Existing Pages" window. The dialog that pops up will simply create a link to this page on your navigation.

What is the difference between a page in my navigation and a link to the page?

The first time you add a page, it will be embedded into the navigation. The icon for a page will appear as in the navigation management screen. A page can only be embedded in ONE PLACE. You can still link to this page other navigations or even the same navigation in a different place, however, the process above will only create a link to the original page. It will appear as .  This is because the page needs to have one unique URL.


Creating a Web Page via Intranet Dashboard

To access the intranet dashboard, simply click on the CMS tab  at the top of your window. Your intranet dashboard will load. Find the "Add Pages" section and click on any of the page types to create your new page. You will be prompted to select a navigation the page will be added to and a page title. You can now start at step 4 of "Creating a New Webpage via Navigation Tree Interface" above.