Uploading Photos to a Web Page - Team Logic Help System

Uploading Photos to a Web Page

Uploading New Images

Working with the top of the editor window, look for the "Upload Media" area and locate the small image icon circled below.

Once you locate the image and click it a popup window will open called "Image Library Uploader".

Follow the following steps to upload your image:

  • First locate the Select Image and click on the browse button.
  • Remember only .jpg, .gif, or .png images are accepted
  • Select the image from you computer that you want to upload and click the open button to upload the image.

  • If you add an "Image Caption" this will appear as "Alt" text in your image. This is important for search engines and accessibility programs to determine what your image is. This will NOT create a text caption below the image.

  • The next section is insert and align.
  • Insert gives you 4 options for sizing.
    Thumbnail (Small), Medium, Large, and Current (this is the actual size of the image that was uploaded) We recommend not going over 700px wide as this could make the image extend outside the parameters of the site. If you've sized the image with an external program, it is recommended to use the "Current Image Size" option to prevent quality loss in resizing.
  • Align gives you 4 options as well: None (inline) which means it will appear inline with the text.
    Left, Right and Center will position the image relatively in that line of text.

  • Clickable link check box will allow the user to click the image and it will show up in a pop up window enlarged. You may click the image below to illustrate this.
  • Save to Media Library will save the image to the server to be easily retrieved and used in other places on the site. This is usually used for logos or images that you know you will use again. Generally if the image is specific to the page it is being uploaded to, there is no need to save it to the library.

  • Do not upload sensitive materials, for example, Private business documents, obscene or racially insensitive materials, or copy written material unapproved by the author.
  • Lastly, don't forget to click the Upload Image button to add the image to the current page and place it in the library if you chose to do so.

Uploading Images saved in the Media Library

  • To upload from the Media Library, it's very similar to uploading a new image.

  • Click on the image in the "Insert from Library" area
  • You will have a window like this open up.

  • The large image is the actual image to be uploaded.

       To add the image to the page click this icon, this will open a window with options similar to a new image upload

        To edit the image click this icon, this allows you to change the caption on the image

        To delete the image click this icon, this deletes the image from the library

       To view the image in full click this icon, this will show the image full-size