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Category List

The category list page is used to change sort order and perform mass updates on all categories in your store. The category list can be accessed by clicking on the category icon on the store dashboard.

  • Sort Order: The sort order is used to determine the order the categories will appear in your store. The sort order collumn is arranged in levels. Each level has its own sort order so be careful to keep levels seperate when updating sort order.
  • Category Name: Clicking on the category name will give you a list of the products in that category. If the category name is not a link, there are no products in that category
  • Qty: This shows the number of products in that category
  • Delete: Checking this box will delete the corresponding category when you click update at the bottom
  • Edit: The edit icon will open up the edit screen for this category.
  • Active: Makes the category active/inactive. Inactive categories do not show up in the store.
  • Informational: Makes the category informational. Can be used to create store pages or show detailed information on a specific product. These categories will not be for sale. Note: This should not be used in most cases. If you want the category to not show up in the store, you should make it inactive, if you want to create an informational page, you should use the CMS-Logic system.