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Creating Alerts & Reminders

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What are Alerts?

Alerts are notifications created by you to remind you of something at a later date. Alerts can trigger pop-ups within Team-Logic, email notifications or both. You can create alerts related to projects, tickets, clients, tasks or as stand-alone reminders.

This is a Team-Logic Alert Pop-up

Creating Alerts

  1. You must first decide where to create an alert. A stand alone alert will be a simple message, alerts related to other Team-Logic items will provide a way to go to the relevant link. With a pop-up, a "Dismiss and Goto" button will be created to go to, for example, a project.
  2. To Create a Stand Alone Alert:
    1. Hover over the "Intranet" tab.
    2. Select "My Alerts"
    3. Click "Add New Alert" in the upper right corner
  3. To create an alert related to other items, look for the alarm clock icon. Below are examples of these locations
    • Projects
        Project Alert
    • Tickets
       Ticket Alerts
    • Clients in Projects
       Client Alerts
    • Project Tasks
       Task Alert
  4. After clicking the add button you will be asked to provide details for the alert and select an alert time. If you have added the alert from a project or other Team-Logic item, some information may be filled out for you.
    • Alert Date - Day the alert will be triggered, use the calendar icon to help pick a date
    • Alert Time - Time the alert will be triggered, note that a pop up is triggered on the first "page load" within team-logic after the alert time.
    • Reminder Via - A pop-up is created within Team-Logic as you are using it, an email is sent to the email set in "My Profile" (This is also your login email). Generally, you will want to use the first option, "Email and Pop-up", to make sure you receive the reminder.
    • Title - Main idea of the reminder (IE: Pick up kids at school)
    • Regarding (If from existing item) - This is uneditable, it is the link to the related item (IE the link to the project)
    • Description - Any further details that may be needed (IE: Steve's phone number - 555-555-5555)
  5. Click "Add Alert" and your alert will be created!

Managing Existing Alerts

  1. To see your existing and past alerts hover over the "Intranet" tab and click on "My Alerts". A list of upcoming alerts will then be presented. You can view past alerts by clicking on "View Dismissed/Sent" in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on any of the alerts in the provided list, you will be able to edit the alert or remove it.