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Delaware.Net DNS Servers

IMPORTANT: For your email and/or website domains to point to our servers,
you will need your domain name (your .com name) to have our name servers listed with the domain name.

If your domain is not registered through Delaware.Net, you will need to modify your domain name registration to point it at our DNS servers. To do this, you should log into your domain name registrar's website and set your DNS servers to the following settings:

After you change your domain's name server settings, it can take 24–48 hours for this change to spread across the Internet. Usually it changes at 7PM the day you make the change. To determine if your registration or transfer has been completed, look up your domain name in the Whois Database located at: or at When the registration or transfer is complete you will see the below name servers listed at the bottom of your domain record.

Our current, ACTIVE Name Servers Are: