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Managing Your Store

If you think once you launch your new store, you are done, you are mistaken. E-commerce takes a lot of on-going work. In this section we have broken down the tasks you should be doing on a regular basis to help you get your new store off the ground.


Daily Tasks

1: Processing Orders

The store should be checked at least daily to check for new orders. If you have a higher volume of daily orders we suggest checking orders multiple times a day.

Click here to read more information about processing orders.

2: Checking Store Email

The email address you have on your site for customers to contact you is very important. This email should be checked multiple times per day so your customers can stay in direct contact with your store.

3: Check for product reviews

If you are using product reviews in your store, you should check approve/remove them on a daily basis


Monthly Tasks

1: Write a blog or news article

Sites need to be constantly updated so they do not look "stale" to search engines and customers. Posting a new article or blog freshens your site up as well as gives it new content. You should do this at least once a month but the more, the better.

Other ideas to freshen up your site are moving around featured products or update your slideshow on your homepage.

2. Remove Old Items

Do a quick inventory of your store to move around any old or discontinued items. If you have a sale or clearance section, this is a great time to add new products there.

3. Create New Sitemap

Generate a new sitemap on your CMS hompage

4. Check product feeds

If you are using product (shopping feeds) verify they are working and all of your products are displayed as they are on your store.