Section 2: Distributors - Team Logic Help System

Section 2: Distributors

The distributor section of your store allows you to set up distributors to use for drop shipping. Each category can have one distributor and all the products in that category will use this distributors address to calculate shipping rates. If no distributor is chosen for that category the store's address will be used as the shipping address.

Add Distributor
To add a distributor, enter the distributor's name and contact information in the box on the left side of the screen and click "Add Distributor". This distributor will now show up in the distributor section of the category edit screen

Edit Distributor
Click on the name of the distributor in the list to edit the name of the manufacturer.

To make a distributor inactive or active click on the icon in the Active column. To delete a distributor, click on the icon in the delete column.