General Settings - Team Logic Help System

General Settings

The General settings tab allows you to change overall store settings and set up the store policies section and custom receipt text.

Store Information

Store Email: This is the email address used to send order confirmations from the store and the address the new order notifications go to.

Tax Rate: Visit this link for more information on taxes.

Enable Product Reviews: This check box turns product reviews on/off for the entire store

Show "Share Link": The Share This link appears on products pages and allows customers to share that product on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.


Store Checkout Header

This image is displayed at the top of your cart during the customer's checkout process. It should be 960 px wide.


Checkout Tracking Code

This area allow you to enter any tracking/analytic code you want to appear in the footer of the cart and checkout pages.


Store Policies

The store policies section displays on the address/payment entry screen. It allows you to display any store policies you want the customer to see at checkout on that screen

Display Policies at Checkout: Turns the Store Policies section on/off

Require Acceptance: Requires the user to scroll through the policies check a box to accept them.


Custom Receipt Text

This section allows you to create a custom receipt header that will display at the top of your order confirmation page. This can be used for further order instructions, etc.

Display Custom Message on Receipt Page: Turns the Receipt header on/off