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Google Products

Setting up Google Products in your store allows you to submit your products to Google's shopping feed. Google's shopping feed is a seperate application Google uses to publish product results from their search engine.

To use Google Products in your store, you will need a Google account. We recommend having a business Google account to manage your Google Product feed as well as other Google services such as Analytics.

Setup Google Products:

  1. Obtain a Google account if you do not already have one.
  2. Go to the Google Merchant Center and sign in with your Google account.
  3. Answer the questions and fill out the information about your store to enable your account to use Google Products.
  4. Go to your store admin > Data Feeds > Google Products
  5. Check the box to enable Google Products and enter your Google Username (email) and password and click the "Update" button. NOTE: This step will send your entire store to Google and therefore will take a while to load. Please do not refresh the page until the upload is finished.
  6. Login to your Google account at the link in Step 2 and click on My Products > Active to verify your products have been imported into Google

After setting up your store to use Google Products and your store makes the initial upload, you will not have to take any other steps to keep your data up to date. Everytime a product is edited or added, it will be synced with your Google Product Feed.

Note: All inactive and deleted items are removed from your product feed.


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You can view your entire product feed by using this URL:[your Account ID]