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Group Discounts

Group discounts require user login and allow the store owner to determine group procing based on the user's account. When a user logs into your site, their account is checked to see which groups they are a member of. The group discount admin allows you to set store discounts for each group.

Name: The name of the group discount. This is only seen in the admin and is for the store owner's use only.
Group: The group the discount applies to. Click here for more information on setting up groups.
Action: Determines the method of applying the discount. Discounts can be added, subtracted or equaled.
Percentage: The amount of the discount
Price: The price to apply the discount to (list price or wholesale price)


Wholesale group: Action: Equals / Percentage: 0 / Price: Wholesale
10% off List Price: Action: Subtraction / Percentage: 10 / Price: List
20% over wholesale: Action: Addition / Percentage: 20 / Price: Wholesale