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2012 Website Hosting Plans from

We offer website hosting plans to fit any budget or need. From small starter websites up to dedicated servers and cloud solutions for enterprises. We use a combination of our own private datacenter and partner datacenters for certain cloud-based services for maximum uptime, value, and features. All prices are monthly unless otherwise listed. Call us at 888-432-7965 to get started. 

Standard Website Hosting Plan - $99 annually

Best for: webmasters and bloggers that understand how to upload their site using FTP, and code in XHTML, CSS, MySQL, and PHP.


  • WordPress Blogs
  • Joomla CMS
  • Drupal CMS
  • PHP Websites
  • DJango
  • Static HTML sites
  • MySQL database
  • CPanel control panel included

CMS-Logic™ Content Management System (Lite) - $25

Best for:  Small businesses that want a website that they can manage, that will drive traffic to their businesses, at a low cost. No need for custom programming or managing complicated code-based websites. 


  • Page builder - build unlimited pages
  • File Uploader - add files to your website easily, such as PDFs and Office documents.
  • Contact Form builder - capture sales inquiries from your site
  • Traffic reporting - Google Analytics is built-in
  • Photo gallery builder
  • Built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Unlimited Links - link to your social networking sites or any other site. 
  • Design Services - built-in templates are included, or you can purchase your own design template or have us build you one (additional fees apply)
  • Live training services (nominal additional fees apply)
  • 5 email accounts with basic spam filtering, webmail, and administration dashboard.

CMS-Logic™ Content Management System (Full) - $50

Best for: Small to medium businesses and membership organizations that require a full-featured website to represent their organization. This is our most popular system for building an managing websites, with over 40 built-in applications. Most of the websites that we have built run on this platform.


  • All features from the Lite version listed above, plus...
  • Customer Database - automatically store customer information into a database, accessible from anywhere. No more excel spreadsheets!
  • Portfolio Manager - show examples of your work in categories that are searchable, have SEO tagging, and photo slideshows.
  • Inventory Manager - use for vehicles, or any type of product information with photo slideshows and information.
  • Forms to database - capture data from web forms directly into a customer database. 
  • Map Builder - add unlimited maps to your site. Includes a zip code search option. 
  • Email Marketing Manager - send and track mass emails to your customers (additional fees apply for large lists).
  • Staff Intranet - calendars, forms, links, pages, content, files, and more that are for password protected for your staff.
  • Bill Pay Form - enables your website to accept bill payments from your customers. 
  • Add-Ons - you can add ecommerce, workflow applications, and more (additional fees apply).
  • 10 email accounts with basic spam filtering, webmail, and administration dashboard.

Ideal for: membership associations, small to medium sized businesses, schools, doctors offices, and smaller government websites.

Store-Logic™ Ecommerce Store Hosting  - Starting at $25

We build and host some of the most sucessful ecommerce sites on the web. Your online store can have unlimited products, and while we do not take a portion of your sales, our hosting ecommerce rates are generous, and are tiered based on your total gross sales each month. Hosting information is available at

Civic-Logic™ Municipal and Government Website Hosting

EGovernment website design, development, and hosting is one of our largest customer verticals. Please see our website for government solutions at Our custom hosting plan for goverment websites includes our full content management system, request tracking system, employee Intranet, customer portal, job tracking system, reporting system, and email newsletter system. 

Team-Logic™ (CRM)  - $5 per user

For a nominal fee you can add a turn-key a complete business management system to track sales leads, referrals, and production work within your website. This is a great alternative to systems like that charge as much as $100 per user, per month.  Turns forms in your website into a lead-capture and follow-up system that stores data in your own client database. Includes a login area for customers, a ticketing system for tech support, and much more. With complete integration with our CE system and Intranet, you won't have to have your staff log into 3 different places to do their work. Call us to schedule a free demo. Legacy information available at for a limited time.

Mail-Logic™ Email Marketing

We offer an online application for sending mass emails to your clients, as long as they are not spam. this is an opt-in only solution that is designed for membership organizations, municipalities, schools and companies that need to send out timely newsletters and alerts to their customers. Email is delivered immediately, using a third party sending provider that is whitelisted with all major email providers. Because we incur a charge based on the volume of emails that you will be sending, the fee varies. Call for more information.

Email Hosting - $1 per account

You can use any email service that you like with our website hosting plans. You are not tied to using our email services to enjoy our on-demand applications. Should you need basic POP3/IMAP email service with spam filtering, we can offer you that service for $1 per email account, per month. We have partnered with a global provider to offer on-demand email services. Google charges $5 per month for a GMail email account, Microsoft charges $5 for hosted Exchange, and this system is only $1. With you have complete flexibility with who you use for email services.

DNS Service

If we manage DNS services for your domain name and we do not host your website or email, there is a nomal charge of $10 annually.

How to Order Service

Please call our office at 888-432-7965 to order services