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Section 2.5: Images and Files Tab

The images and files section lets you manage the main product image, additional product images and product files. Store-Logic allows unlimited additional images and files for each product.


Main Image

A product has a main image that is resized into three sizes when uploaded: thumbnail, standard and large. The thumbnail size is shown on the category pages as a preview of the product. The standard image is displayed on the actual product information page and the large image is shown when the customer clicks on the standard image on the product page (zoom).

Once the main image has been uploaded and the three versions are created, you can replace either of these images by uploading a new image in the main image section.

If you do not want the image to be resized by the store, check the "Do Not Resize" box when uploading.

If you just want to remove the current image you can check the "Remove Existing" box and click "Update Main Image" and the corresponding image will be removed.

You can also enter an image description to be displayed with this image.


Product Files

You can add files to your products to allow customers to download PDF documentation etc.

Additional Images

Additional images can be used to show different angles or versions of the product you are selling.

To add an additional image, upload the image in the "Add Additional Images" section.

Images can be sorted, deleted and edited in the "Current Additional Images" section