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Inventory in Store-Logic allows store owners to keep track of how many items they still have in stock and remove items from their online store when they are sold out. Inventory is an optional feature that is turned off by default. It should only be used if you sell a limited number of an item and want that item removed once your stock is sold out.

Currently the only in-store POS system we integrate with is Quickbooks POS. You can read more about this integration and how to set it up in your store on our Quickbooks POS page.

All inventory is handled at the product level. If the product does not have options the inventory is one number on each product. If the product has options, it has the ability the cross reference up to two options.

IMPORTANT: Inventory tracking must be turned on before working with inventory in your store.
Go to the
Store Settings section and activate inventory before proceeding.


Inventory Options on Each Product

Display Current Inventory: If this box is checked the inventory remaining (number) will be displayed on the product page. If this is not check, the number remaining will not be shown to the customer.

Sell Product If Out-Of-Stock: This box tells the store whether to sell the product if it is out of stock. If this box is not checked, the product will be removed when inventory is depleted.

Inventory on Product with No Options

Tracking inventory on products with no options means there is only one inventory amount for that product. In the screen shot above you see the inventory for this product is 4

Inventory on Product with Options

When a product has options, tracking inventory is a bit more complex. You can designate each option to track inventory (up to 2). So for example if you had a shirt that came in small, medium and large each size would have its own inventory amount.

If the product has more than one option (up to 2) an inventory matrix will be example. So for the above example if the options were size and color an inventory amount would be created for each combination (small-red, small-green, medium-red, etc).

NOTE: Each option must be set to track inventory. To set this option, open the option edit screen and check the track inventory box on each option. You can only track inventory on up to two options per product.