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Creating a Job Posting

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Job posting app VS a job posting

When we refer to a job posting "App" we are talking about ONE application that contains MANY job postings. Think of the "app" as the classifieds and the "job posting" as "Tech - Level 1".

While generally you will only need one, you can also have MANY job posting apps. This could be used for different locations or departments. For example, you could have one app titled "Job Postings - Delaware Location" while having another called "Job Postings - Maryland Location".

I have a job posting app installed........

Existing job posting applications can be accessed by clicking on the "CMS-Logic" tab and browsing to the "Apps" section. Click on your job posting app.

Job Posting App

  • If you are unsure what kind of app you are looking at, hover over the icon for a tool tip
      Job Postings Tooltip
  • Job posting applications will be named appropriate to their purpose (IE: "Company Job Postings").
  • Job posting apps are linked to your website in Navigations.

I have an existing website but do not have a job posting app installed......

You can create a job posting application as follows:

  1. Click on the "CMS-Logic"
  2. Click on "Job Postings" in the "Add Apps" section of the dashboard
      Add Postings
  3. Enter the job posting name and click the insert button. NOTE: The app name will appear on your website. Make sure it is appropriate to the purpose.
  4. You have now added a job posting app! You will still need to add a link to this app somewhere on your website. See "adding content to navigations" for help.

Creating a Job Postings

  1. Once in the job posting app manager (As shown above), click on the "Add Posting" button
      Add Postings
  2. You will now be brought to the Posting add screen. At any time you can click the "Add Posting" button at the bottom of the screen. You can come back and add more details later. You will need to fill out the following items:
    • Title - The actual job title
    • Posting Start Date -  The date the posting will be shown on the website.
    • Posting Close Date - The date the posting will be removed from the website.
    • Active? - Uncheck this box if you would not like this posting to be displayed immediately. You can re-activate the posting at a later time.
    • Allow online application - The visitor will be able to fill out a simple application and upload a resume. You will then be able to access and manage applicant information from the job posting app.
    • Printable Application Upload - If you prefer the user fill out a specific application, you may upload a downloadable document.
    • Email Notification - You may select a staff member to be e-mailed about new applicants. Note that this information is stored on the job postings app, so email is not required to gather applicant information.
    • All other fields/editor windows - All other fields describe the job posting. None are required, but should be filled out depending on the amount of information you would like to provide.
  3. Click the "Add Posting" button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Your posting is now created!