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Mail-Logic Quickstart Guide

1. Complete initial setup

It is important you complete the initial setup guide. Start by clicking here, you can return when you are done.

2. Setting up recipients.

Remember: Clients, Organizations and Staff are all potential recipients

Mail-Logic provides many ways to input Clients, Organizations, and staff. There will be tabs on the main page for “Clients” and “Organizations”. As a general rule you should add a person to your “Clients” list and a business or organization to your “Organizations” list. For the purposes of demonstration we will add one “Client.” 

  1. Click on the “Clients” tab.
  2. Click the “Add Client” button in the upper right corner.
  3. Enter an email (input one that you can receive for testing).
  4. Enter a name and any other information (optional).
  5. Click the “Add Client” button on the bottom of the popup window.

Following these steps you will now have one Client to send newsletters to.

If you have many recipients to import, you can use import utility.

3. Set up Mail-Logic’s General Settings

Before we start making newsletters there are a few general settings that will make your life easier down the road.

  1. Click on the “Mail-Logic” tab.
  2. Within the Mail-Logic’s main menu click on the “General Settings” tab.
  3. Enter a “From Name”, this is what recipients will see as the sender’s name. It can be a business name or a person’s name.
  4. Enter a “From Email” and “Reply Email”, generally these can be the same. This will be the email recipients see as the sender and what they reply to.
  5. Enter an “Unsubscribe Message” (optional). This will be displayed at the bottom of the newsletter and inform recipients why they received the email. And example would be “You are receiving this email from Company X because you opted to receive our Monthly Mailer”. Below this message a “Click Here to Unsubscribe” link will always be present.
  6. Click “Update Default Values”.
  7. Every time you create a Newsletter these values will be automatically filled in. You can also change these values per-newsletter when you create it.

4. Set up a Layout Template (Optional)

Mail-Logic provides an easy way to create a template header and footer, eliminating the need to continuously input the same information for every newsletter.

  1. Within the Mail-Logic main menu click on the “Layout Templates” tab.
  2. Click the “Add Template” button.
  3. Enter a “Save Name”, this will be for your purposes to identify multiple templates.
  4. You can now select the type of newsletter to create, for details about the different types, see appendix a.  For the purposes of this guide select “Web Page (Standard)”.
  5. You will now be in the template creation page. There are 3 things you can do, add a border to wrap the entire newsletter, upload a banner to appear at the top of the newsletter, or add text for the header and footer of the newsletter.
  6. For the purposes of this demonstration we will add a banner. Click the “Browse Button” under the “Heading Banner” section. Browse to a jpg or gif image on your hard drive at least 600 pixels in width (less that 600 pixels will work but it will not fill out the entire newsletter width).
  7. Click the “Preview Button”, this will save your layout and display what it will look like in a pop-up.
  8. Click “Save and Exit” when finished experimenting with your layout.

Now you are ready to send your first newsletter! Click here to get started.