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Managing Listings

Make sure you have read the article on Listing Types before continuing to this help page. This article assumes listing types are already defined.

Adding a Listing

Once logged in to Team-Logic the Listings application is available by clicking on the "Content Management" tab and "Listings" within "Applications". To add a listing click the "Add Listing" button within the top right of the window. A window will pop up allowing you to select a type of listing. Assume we are using a car dealership as an example, we will select "Cars and Trucks" from the list. Once added, you will be brought to the main edit screen. From this page there will be 4 tabs to add listing details.

  • Basic Information
    • Make - The make of the listing, for example "Ford" (Searchable within website)
    • Model - The model of the listing, for example "F-150" (Searchable within website)
    • Active? - Determines if the listing will appear on your website, when first added the listing will be inactive, but the checkbox will be checked. This means that the first time the listing is saved, it will become active and appear on the website. Uncheck this box if you will be partially filling in information and returning to finish later.
    • Sold? - Listings can be marked "Sold" to indicate to website visitors the listing is no longer available
    • Condition - New / Used (Searchable within website)
    • Year - 4-digit model year of the listing  (Searchable within website)
    • Price - Price of listing (Searchable within website)
    • Location - Physical location of the listing, for example "Millsboro, DE Lot" (Searchable within website)
    • Stock No - Internal stock number of the listing (Searchable within website)
    • CarFax Link - Add a link to a CarFax vehicle report.
    • CarFax Image - Add CarFax image that will display on list view of vehicles. This image will link to the CarFax Link.
  • Attributes
    • These attributes are defined within the listing types admin, the values are displayed within the listing webpage. Attributes that do not have values will not display to prevent clutter.
  • Description
    • Free-form description that will appear on the listing webpage. Include anything here that is not present in the attributes. For example, details of a recent price reduction on the listing.
  • Photos
    • This section will allow you to upload new photos in a gallery that will appear on the listing. "Upload New Image" will allow the uploading of photos from your computer to the website. The application will automatically resize the image to include a thumbnail and large image. Clicking the "Add from Media Library" button will allow the use of photos that have previously been uploaded and added to the media library. This is useful for adding stock photos without having to re-upload them every time.

Updating a Listing

When managing existing listings, the same options as above will be available. From the main listings page, you can search for the specific listing to edit. Once found, clicking on the "Edit" icon will allow you to update listing information.

Featured Listings

From the main listings application page, next to the "edit" and "activate/deactivate" buttons, there is an option to make a listing "Featured". Generally, a featured "block" will be installed on a section of your website to draw visitors to your listings. These "blocks" contain a thumbnail and basic information about the listing and are installed by the website designer. Depending on the website, certain blocks may have a limit on the number of feature listings it can contain and it may also be filtered by some criteria (For example, "new" or "used"). Changing which listings are featured can keep your website "fresh" and provide more traffic to those listings.