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Media Library

The media library is a simple way to upload and store images, files and videos used on your website. By storing the media, you'll never have to upload something twice! See the links at the bottom of this article for step-by-step instructions on uploading photos and files.

Adding Media to the Library from the  text editor window

See the article links below.

Adding Media to the Library from Image and Video Galleries

"Image Gallery", "Video Gallery" and "Portfolio" page types allow you to upload multiple images and videos into one unified gallery. Whenever adding media to these pages, it will automatically be stored in the library. This means you can share media in gallery pages with editor content and vice versa.

Below the upload button on these pages there will be a "Add from Media Library" button, simply click this button to add the media to your gallery page. Note deleting the media from the gallery page will not remove it from the library.