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My Notes

Notes are included in all application installations. Notes are useful to keep track of personal information or to send messages to other users.

To get started with notes hover over the "Intranet" tab and click on "My Notes"

Adding a Note

  1. From the "My Notes" tab click "Add Note" in the upper right corner.
  2. A window will pop up asking you for note details. Enter a note title and description. The "Send To" section determines who the note goes to. You are checked by default. This is fine for personal notes. You can click on other staff members to send messages. Once a message is sent to a staff member, their "Intranet" and "My Notes" tab will turn red, this will signify a note has been sent

Reading Notes

From the "My Notes" tab all notes are viewable. Red notes are unread by you. Clicking on a note will bring up note options.

Message Options

A: Reply - Clicking will bring up a quick reply dialog that will send a note to the creator

B: Forward - Similar to reply, but the user can select recipients

C: Unread - Mark this note as unread, to remind you to view it later

D: Edit - Edit the contents of this note

E: Delete - Remove this note from the list