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Navigation and Page Security

When setting role-based security permissions there are three choices for navigations and pages. Below, we will explain these three permission levels and how they can be used.

Navigation Tree & Page Admin

This permissions level allows the user to access any navigation tree and any page. They can add, edit, remove, and resort items on a navigation tree. In addition, they can edit pages and the page's relationship to the navigation.

Page Contributor (Update Only)

A contributor can edit any page's content. They cannot however delete the page, activate a page, or modify it's relationship the the navigation tree (changing it's sort order for example).

Page Drafter (Page Drafts Only)

A page drafter can only create drafts of a page's main content. They cannot edit navigation trees nor can they change any page content that is viewable on your web site. Drafts can be created and submitted to another staff member for approval.