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Creating a News Article

News articles are a great way to keep a site fresh with new content. Generally, your CMS-Logic website will come pre-configured with a news articles app.

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News article app VS a news article

When we refer to a news article "App" we are talking about ONE application that contains MANY news articles. Think of the "app" as the newspaper and the "news article" as a single article.

You can also have MANY news article apps. This means different categories of articles. For example, you could have one app titled "Acme Co. News and Views" while having another called "Acme Co. Investor Relations Updates".

I have a news article app installed........

Existing news article applications can be accessed by clicking on the "CMS-Logic" tab and browsing to the "Apps" section. Click on your news app.

News App

  • If you are unsure what kind of app you are looking at, hover over the icon for a tool tip
  • News Article applications will be named appropriate to their purpose (IE: "Acme Co. News and Views").
  • A site can have an unlimited number of separate news article applications, all for different categories of content.
  • News Article apps are linked to your website in Navigations AND/OR articles are embedded in your web page upon creation of a custom web site.

I have an existing website but do not have a news article app installed......

You can create a news article application as follows:

  1. Click on the "CMS-Logic"
  2. Click on "News Posts" in the "Add Apps" section of the dashboard
     Add News App
  3. Enter the News App name and click the insert button. NOTE: The app name will appear on your website. Make sure it is appropriate to the purpose.
  4. You have now added a news app! You will still need to add a link to this app somewhere on your website. See "adding content to navigations" for help.

Creating a News Article

  1. Once in the news article app manager (As shown above), click on the "Add" button
     Add Article
  2. An add window will pop up. Enter a title for this news article. This will display on the webpage, so make it descriptive (Example: " announces new help articles").
  3. The default selection for the "page type" is "Web Page", this is the best option for most situations.
  4. Click the "Continue" button
  5. You will now be brought to the article edit screen. You will need to fill out the following items:
    • Active? - Uncheck this box if you would not like this article to be displayed immediately. You can re-activate the article at a later time.
    • Also Display On - There may be multiple news article apps that this article would be relevant to. You can display an article on more than one news app. If the article should simply be displayed in this particular app, ignore this section.
    • Display on Home Page - Generally, leave this option checked.*
      • * Why? Your custom website may have a "Current News" section on the home page of your site. This checkbox will ensure it is displayed on this section. Otherwise, it will only be displayed on the app's page on your website (The link added to navigations). This checkbox can be left checked and ignored if the "Current News" section is not installed.
    • Display Dates - The start date is the day the news article will appear. This by default is the current date, but can be some time in the future. The start date will also display as the "posted" date on your web page. The end date is the day your article will be removed from the the news article list on your website.
  6. You can now add your article content in the editor window. If you are writing a lot of content, it is highly recommended to save often (See next step).
  7. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Your article is now created! If active, you can click the "Preview" button in the upper right corner of the screen.