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Section 2: Order Details

The order details screen shows all the details of the order and available processing options. From this screen you can edit the order, send the customer an email, make an internal note about the order and print a packing slip.

Order Information

  • Status: This drop down shows the current status of the order and allows you to update the status of the order. When selecting a new status, the page will refresh and the new status will be shown. NOTE: Any emails set up to automatically go out when changing order status will be sent everytime the status is changed.
  • Archived: Changes whether this order is archived or not
  • IP: The IP address of the customer
  • Date: The date the order was submitted

Billing Information

This section displays the customer's billing contact information. This information can be edited by clicking on the icon in the top right corner.

Shipping Information

This section displays the customer's shipping contact information. This information can be edited by clicking on the icon in the top right corner.

Payment Information

This section displays the customer's payment information. This information can be edited by clicking on the icon in the top right corner. If you are using a payment gateway to process credit cards, the credit card number will be deleted except for the last four digits as well as the CSV code. You will also see an authorization number for that transaction supplied by your payment gateway company.

Shipping Method

This section displays the shipping method and rate applied to this order. This rate is determined by our live shipping rates or any flat rates you have set up in the store. The method and rate for the order can be changed by clicking on the icon in the top right corner.

The "Edit Shipping Method" window allows you to choose from the rates calculated by the store or choose your own method and rate.

Tracking Number: Enter the tracking number given to you by your shipping company here to allow customers to track their order online.

Additional Comments

This section displays any comments to customer put on the order at checkout. This information can be edited by clicking on the icon in the top right corner.

Order Invoice

This section is used to edit the items in the order. You can add, remove and adjust quantities and options of items in the order.

NOTE: After updating items in the order, the shipping, discounts and additional handling will be recalculated based on the items in the cart after the update.

Adding an Item to the Order

To add an item to the order, click on the icon in the top right corner of the "Order Invoice" section.

The "Add Product" window allows you to choose the product by navigating to the category it is in and choosing it directly or by searching for it by product name or stock number.

Delete an Item from the Order

To delete an item from the order, click the icon next the item you want to remove.

View Item Information

To view item information click on the name of the item to be taken to the product edit screen.

Update Quantity / Options

To update the quantity or options of an item, click on the icon next to the item you want to edit.

Price: Update the price of this item. This is used when you want to override the current price

Options: Each option for this product will appear as a drop down giving you the option to change any of the options. NOTE: Changing options could cause a change in product dimensions and weight which will affect the shipping rate.

Quantity: Change the number of these items ordered.


Packing Slip

You have two options for printing a packing slip in Store-Logic, a packing slip with credit card information or a packing slip without credit card information. You can see both options at the top right corner of the order details screen:

To print multiple packing slips at one time, use the Mass Update function on the Order List screen.


Order Emails

The order email section displays all emails sent to the customer from the store on this particular order with the initials of the staff member that sent the email and time sent. If the email was automatically sent, there will no initials in the "Author" column.

Send Email

To send a new email, click on the "Send Email" icon to open a window to create an email to send the customer.

  • Select Prefined Content: This drop down allows you to choose an email template already in the store or one you created in the Message Manager. The email will be generated using the template you created filled in with the order information.
  • Subject: The subject of the email
  • Message: The body of the email. If you choose a template this will be filled in for you. You can add to or remove from the template after the body has been populated.

View Emails

To view emails that have been sent on this order, click on the subject of the email to display the email detail screen


Order Notes

Staff and admin can add notes to the order for administration purposes. All notes are timestamped and marked with the staff member's initials.

Add Note: Click on the "Add Note" icon to add a new note.

View Note: Click on the title of the note to view note details.