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Section 1 Order List

When you click on the "Orders" icon on your store dashboard you will be taken to a listing of all open orders.

Filter and Sort Orders

To view orders based on specified parameters, you can use the filter and sort orders section of this screen. You have the ability to search orders based on customer name, order number and order amount. Orders can also be filtered based on date and order status as well as sorted based on date, customer name, cart total and status.

To have any archived orders appear in your results you must have the "Show Archived Orders" box checked.

Mass Update Orders

You can perform common order functions on multiple orders at a time using the mass update functionality.

  1. Choose the orders you want to update
  2. Choose the update you want to perfom from the drop down menu

Mass Update functions available:

  • Delete Orders
  • Delete CC Numbers
  • Mark Order Received
  • Mark Payment Received
  • Mark Shipped
  • Mark Cancelled
  • Mark Declined
  • Mark Completed
  • Mark Backordered
  • Archive Orders
  • Print Orders
  • Print Orders (Hide CC Numbers)
  • Print Orders (and Archive)

View Order Details

Click on the customer's name of the order you want to view more details about to be taken to the order detail page.