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Section 3: Order Options

There are certain options you can edit to change the way you process and interact with orders. To view/edit these options, click on the icon at the top of the Order List screen.

Display Options

These options let you change the default sort order and number of the orders on the Order List screen.

Custom Order Statuses

This section of the order admin allows the store owner to define custom order statuses to use to classify orders. The store comes with 8 order statuses to use (Order Received, Payment Received, Shipped, etc). This option allows the store owner to use custom order statuses in addition to the ones included with the store.

Packing Slip Footer

Use this editor to create a custom footer to display at the bottom of your packing slips. This area could be used to create instructions to your employees packing the order or a custom thank you message or return policy for your customers.