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Pasting from Word Processors

Pasting from word processors is often the ideal situation. You are comfortable with the program, so why not use it? There are some pitfalls in pasting from word processors:

  • The content may not look as you expected.  Word processors generally use proprietary languages that may not translate well into HTML (what web browsers read).  Additionally, styles set in your website (CSS) may change the look of the original content.
  • The content may add extraneous HTML code. Some of the code pasted directly into an editor window may make the page unnecessarily long and also make it prone to displaying differently in various web browsers.
  • Images and charts will not copy over. Images and other files need to exist on a web server to be viewable by the outside world. The images on your word processor are local to your computer, therefore they will need to be uploaded within the editor.

So what is the BEST way to develop content?

Do not style your content in the word processor, however you may develop the content (IE the words, sentences and paragraphs) and paste as "plain-text".

Paste as plain text - To prevent formatting problems it is always recommended to paste formatted content (from a word processor for example) as plain text and formatting it within the editor. Click this button with in the editor interface and paste into the window provided. This will paste the text "cleanly".

But I REALLY want to paste directly from my document!

You can still paste formatted content in a more controlled fashion with the "Paste from Word" button described below.

Paste from Word - If text formatting from a word processor needs to be kept, using this button will attempt to clean up the formatting so it will be consistent and compatible across different browsers. Click this button with in the editor interface and paste into the window provided.