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Payment Gateways

A major step in setting up your new e-commerce store is deciding how you are going to process payments. The first decision you should make is which card types you will except. Store-Logic currently supports the four major credit card companies (Visa, MC, AX and Discover). To choose which types you will accept, navigate to the payments section of your store (Dashboard > Payments) and check the boxes of the card types you will accept.

The next decision you need to make is how you are going to process the customer's card. Store-Logic has many of the major payment gateways already built into it so capturing the card information, authorizing the transaction and charging the card can all be automatically taken care of by using a payment gateway. Click here to learn more about choosing and setting up a payment gateway in your store.

Your new store also has the ability to allow additional payment options such as Paypal and Google Checkout (coming soon). These payment solutions are activated along side your payment gateway to give the customer the choice of paying with their credit card OR Paypal/Google checkout. Click here for more information on setting up those options.

We also allow "Processing Payments in House" and other options such as check, money order and pay on account. These can also be configured in the payments admin.