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Section 2.1: Product Info Tab

Product Details Section

Product Name: This is the name of the product that will be displayed in the catalog, product page and cart. Make the name descriptive to distinguish it from similar items on the catalog page.

Category: This is the main category the product will be in. You can add related categories on the related category tab.

Active: Makes the product active/inactive. Inactive products will not display in the store.

Product Price: The actual price of the item charged to the customer.

Wholesale Price: The cost of the store owner. This is used for reporting, it is not shown to the customer.

Retail Price: The retail price of the product. If the product price is less than the retail price, the product will display as on sale.

Additional Handling: An additional fee charged for this item. Note: This fee will be multiplied by the quantity purchased.

Non-Taxable: No taxes will be charged on this product

Part Number: Store part number.

Stock Number: Vendor part number.

Manufacturer: Drop down to choose the manufacturer of this product. You can add a new manufacturer by click on the "Add New" link or going to the manufacturers section of your store.

Manuf Part No: The manufacturer's part number

W/H Loc: The location of the product in the warehouse.

Free Shipping: Shipping will not be calculated on this product

Informational: Makes this product and informational product and unable to be sold on the store.

Featured: Displays this product in the featured items section of your website (if applicable)

Expiration: The date to take this item off of your site. Item will not appear after this date.

Product Description

The product description and field is used to enter the description of the product to be shown on the product page. This WYSIWYG editor can be used to input text, html code, videos, images and files.

The product short description is used in the catalog view and will only be seen on catalog views that use the short description. It is not displayed on the product page.

Click here for more information on the editor.


Inventory Section

Note: The inventory section is only available if inventory is enabled in your store

Display Current Inventory: This setting controls whether the remaining in-stock inventory is shown on the product page.

Sell Product if out of Stock: This setting controls whether to take the product off the site when out of stock or continue selling it.


Product Dimensions

Dimensions are only used for calculation of live shipping rates. Of all the dimensions the store keeps track of, weight is the most important. If you have the dimensions (LxWxH) you should enter them for a more accurate result but the live rates will not work without a valid weight.

NOTE: If the product has options, the weight and dimensions are determined by the option so this section of the Product Information tab goes away once options are added and activated.

Shipping Weight: The base weight of the item (excluding options). Remember, this is only used for calculations, the customer does not see it so you can give yourself some breathing room for live rates.

Dimensions: The measurements of the item

Ship Freight: Flags this package to calculate a freight rate on checkout. At this time, this only works with UPS Freight API

Package Separately: This setting makes this product go in its own box during the shipping calculations.