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Section 1: Product List / Mass Update Screen

The product list / mass update form lists all products in a category with the ability to update price, stock number, category, active/inactive and deleted on all products in the category. This form is especially useful when moving products.

Choose Category: This dropdown allows you to change the category you are currently viewing

Sort: This changes the sort order of the item in the category

Name: Click on the name of the item will launch the product edit screen where you can perform all product edits.

Price: Update the main price of the item

Stock #: Update the stock number of the product

Category: Move this product to another category

Type: Main = This is this product's main category. Related = This item is in this category as related. (See the product edit tab related products/categories for more information)


Helpful Hint: This product screen is also how search results are displayed. So for example if I wanted to move every product that had the word "blue" in its title, I would search for "blue" and then update all the categories.