Setup - Team Logic Help System


Follow the steps below to set up your store for use with Quickbooks POS software.

  1. Navigate to your stores Quickbooks export section (Operations > Export).
  2. Enable Quickbooks Connection
  3. Create a username to connect to your application and enter it into the username field.
  4. Fill in the Company Name field with the name of your QB company file.
  5. Click "Update Settings"
  6. Download and install the Quickbooks Web Connector software on the computer your QB POS software is installed on. You can get this software free of charge from the link on the Quickbooks Export page in your store admin.
  7. Setup the Quickbooks Web Connector software to run at startup of your computer. Note: This software must be running any time your QB POS software is running.
  8. Download the Web Connector file onto the same computer you installed the Quickbooks Web Connector software from step 6.
  9. Double click the Web Connector file downloaded in step 8. This launches the Quickbooks Web Connector software and asks for permission to allow Store-Logic to sync with your QB POS software.

  10. Once you have permission to connect you will see the connection admin screen below. Here you will want to set the web connector to "auto-run" with a time interval of 1 minute. You will also want to enter the password generated for you by the store (refer to your Quickbooks export screen in your store admin - Step 1) and allow the Web Connector to save this password.

  11. The Web Connector will now run every minute to process any waiting requests in your online store.
    NOTE: You MUST keep the web connector open anytime QB POS is active.


Setting Up POS Items to Import

In order for items to import into your store, you must give them store ids. Follow the instructions below to give the items in your POS system a store id to sync them with your online store

  1. Open an item to edit in your POS software.
  2. Click on the Custom tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Set up a new custom field called sl_ID. This field will now appear on all of your POS items.
  4. Give each item you want to import a unique value in the sl_ID field. All options (sizes and colors) for each item should have the same sl_ID