Quickbooks - Team Logic Help System


In an effort to make managing an online store along-side a brick and mortar store easier, Store-Logic is now integrated with QuickBooks POS Point of Sale software solutions.

This means that your online store can be created setup from your existing Quickbooks POS software system and your store will keep its inventory in sync with your POS software in your store. This removes the worry and hassle of updating two inventory systems and the fear that you may sell an item no longer in stock.

Store-Logic is compatible with QuickBooks Point of Sale Versions V6, V7, V8 and V9.


How Does it Work?

The first time, the store connects to QB POS it imports all items (that have a store ID) and departments from your QB POS software into the store. If the items already exist, it will update the inventory and price, otherwise, the items are created.

After this initial import, the store keeps a queue of requests to send to QB. The quickbooks software on your desktop computer will ping the store at set time intervals and ask for any news requests. If there are new requests in the queue, it will process them. The reason this is important is because all interaction between QB and Store-Logic is not instant, the updates are queued up and then processed the next time QB connects.


How do I set it up?

Click here for detailed instruction on setting it up your Quickbooks POS software.