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Section Builder

Section Builder mode will let you create a layout, add pictures, and style your document in an easy to use interface. The section builder interface allows you to add "Blocks" one at a time to your page. Note that most features in the section builder are available through the media library in "Web Page (Standard)" mode. This mode is an easy-to-use alternative, but does not offer as much freedom of design.

Below are a listing of "Block" types, available on the top left of the Section Builder:

Banner / Large Image - This block allows for one large image that will span the width of the page
Text Heading - This block contains a simple editor to make large text headings
Text - This block allows large sections of text to be input
Text with Image - This block includes a text section and the ability to add an image within the text

Once created, there will be 3 tabbed sections within in the edit page:

Page Content - From this tab you can change the title that appears in the page.

Navigation Link - This tab modifies the page's relationship to the navigation tree. As such, it will only be available if editing a page that is assigned to a tree. Note that if the page is related to multiple navigation trees, this tab may change depending on what tree you were in when you clicked the page edit button.

SEO - Short for "Search Engine Optimization", this tab contains extra fields to fine-tune your page so that search engines can more easily index it.