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Section 1: Set Up Messages

Add a New Message

To add a new message to the store click on the "Add Message" icon in the Message Manager section of your store.

Message Name: This is the name of this template. This is used in the store admin only and has no effect on the email sent out

From Email: The email address the message is coming from.

From Name: The display name the email is from.

Reply to Email: The email address any replies would go to.

Copy From: Allows you to start from a message that already set up in the store

Add Fields: The dynamic fields to put into the email to act as a placeholder for the order information to be entered. For example use [ORDERTOTAL] anywhere you want the total of the order to appear in the email.

Subject: The subject of the email

Details: The editor used to create the body of the email.

Send Email on Cart Status: By choosing a order status in this drop down menu you are setting this template up to be an automatic email. If you do not want this email to automatically be sent out, leave this option as "NONE".

Edit Existing Message

To edit an existing message, click on the icon next to the message you want to edit