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Set programs to run at Windows startup

The instructions below are for setting up Quickbooks Web Connector to start up every time your computer is turned on. They are meant for Windows 7 operating system. If you do not have Windows 7, you can search online for instructions on setting up startup programs for your OS.

1. On the start menu navigate to All Programs > Quickbooks, right click Web Connector and click Send To > Desktop (Create Shortcut). This adds a shortcut to the Web Connector on your desktop.
NOTE: This is the shortcut that you will add to the Startup folder below. 

2. Open the Start Menu.

3. Click on All Programs, right click on the Startup folder, and click on Open All Users or Explore All Users.

4. Drag the shortcut created in step 1 from your desktop to inside the Startup folder

5. Close the Startup folder when done.