Staff Security Roles - Team Logic Help System

Staff Security Roles

Administrator - WARNING: Gives user access to all applications and data
An administrator can do anything available within your application. If Administrator is checked, there is no need to check anything else
Intranet CMS
  • Message of the Day
    Access to the intranet message of the day (dashboard)
  • Pages Admin
    User can create a navigation of pages, files and links on the intranet dashboard.
Portal CMS
  • Home Page
    Access to edit the portal home page.
  • Pages Admin
    User can create a navigation of pages, files and links in the portal header.
Pages & Menus
  • Navigation Tree & Page Admin
    This permissions level allows the user to access any navigation tree and any page. They can add, edit, remove, and resort items on a navigation tree. In addition, they can edit pages and the page's relationship to the navigation.
  • Page Contributor (Update Only)
    A contributor can edit any page's content. They cannot however delete the page, activate a page, or modify it's relationship the the navigation tree (changing it's sort order for example).
  • Page Drafter (Page Drafts Only)
    A page drafter can only create drafts of a page's main content. They cannot edit navigation trees nor can they change any page content that is viewable on your web site. Drafts can be created and submitted to another staff member for approval.
  • Articles / Events /
    Publications / Panels

    Access to all article, event, publication and panel modules.
  • Banner Advertisements
    Access to all Banner Advertisement modules
  • Contact / Map / Locator Pages
    Access to modules involving interactive maps and contact forms
  • FAQs
    Access to all FAQ modules
  • File Lists
    Access to all File List modules
  • Inventory
    User can manage the entire inventory application
  • Job Postings
    Access to all job posting modules
  • Link Lists
    Access to intranet and portal links
  • Listings
    User can manage the entire listings application
  • Member Directory
    User can mange the entire member directory application, and the organizations tied to it
  • Payment Forms
    User can manage all payment forms and view orders
  • Portfolio
    User can manage entire portfolio application
  • Real Estate Listings
    User can manage entire real estate listings application
  • Slideshows
    Access to update all slideshow modules
  • Ticker
    Access to ticker application and text
Settings & Utilities
  • Contact Form
    Access to the contact form settings for the automatically generated contact form. Can update recipients, content ect.
  • Google™ Analytics
    User can change google analytics account settings
  • Google™ Maps
    Manage your google maps API key
  • Google™ Search API
    User can change google search settings
  • Site Statistics
    Allows user to view basic site statistics  (This is built into CMS-Logic and is not related to Google™ Analytics)
  • Sitemap Page Generator
    Access to site site map page settings
  • Sitemap.xml Generator
    User can generate sitemap.xml for the website
  • Social Networking
    User can manage social networking account settings
Catalog Management
  • Add Category
  • Edit Category
  • Delete Category
  • Add Product
  • Edit Product
  • Delete Product
Order Management
  • View Carts
  • View Orders
  • Edit Orders
  • Delete Orders
  • Order Emails
  • Order Notes
Store Tasks
  • Store Reports
  • Store Settings
  • Shipping Admin
  • Manufacturers / Distributors
  • Product Reviews
  • Message Manager
  • Handling Fee
  • Discounts
  • Payments Admin
  • Store Export
  • Project Manager
    The user is able to view modify and delete all projects, despite group or individual permissions.
  • Lead Manager
    The user is able to view modify and delete all leads, despite not being assigned to it.
  • Report Viewer
    Allows the user to view Team-Logic CRM reports
  • Invoices
    Allows the user to access invoices generated from Team-Logic CRM
  • Time Clock User
    Allows the user to enter time within the time clock application, which is part of Team-Logic CRM
  • Time Clock Admin
    Allows the user to enter time for any staff member as above
  • Mail-Logic Administrator
    Gives full access to the Mail-Logic Application