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Types of Imports

Store-Logic currently supports the import of products and categories. The store will also allow you to import images if you include the image URL in the spreadsheet.

Step 1: Preparing the Import File

Tips on preparing the file:

  • Remove all columns that will not be used in the import.
  • You MUST follow the instructions below to clean up the import file of all special characters.
  • If you have image urls, include the entire URL. Example:

Cleaning up the import file (REQUIRED):

  1. Open the spreadsheet in Microsof Excel
  2. Use the form below to specify the data each column o f the spreadsheet represents
  3. Remove any header rows, make sure the first row is actual data
  4. If your data contains the characters ' (single quote), " (double quote) or , (comma) use the following instructions to ensure proper import
    1. Click "Edit", "Find" and "Replace" (Tab)
    2. Enter the character in "Find what" and the replacement (see below) in "Replace with"
    3. Click "Replace All"
    4. Repeat for other characters
    • Replace " with "
    • Replace ' with '
    • Replace , with ,
    • Replace newline with
  5. Click "File", "Save As"
  6. Use the "Save as Type" option to select "CSV (MS-DOS)"
  7. Input a file name and save the file
  8. You may get compatability warnings, this is normal, click ok and continue
  9. Use the Import File field to browse to the file
  10. Click the upload button to continue

Step 2: Choosing the type of import and designating fields

  1. Choose the CSV you created in step 1 in the upload file field.
  2. Choose the Type of import (product or category)
  3. Designate Fields: Determine which field applys to which column in your spreadsheet. For example, if the first column in your spreadsheet was product name, you would choose 1 in the product name dropdown.
  4. Click upload