Section 2.2: Tabs - Team Logic Help System

Section 2.2: Tabs

Product tabs allow the store owner to divide product description and information into tabs to allow users to find it easily. Tabs can contain text, images, videos and files.

Add a New Tab:

  1. Enter the Tab's title in the "Add New Tab" box and click "Add Tab".
  2. The new tab will appear on the right with an editor to edit the tab's content.
  3. When you have finished editing the tab, click "Update Tabs" at the bottom.

Delete / Make Tab Inactive:

To delete a tab or make it inactive, check the box to the right of the tab's title and click "Update Tabs" at the bottom of the screen.

Change Order of Tabs:

To change the order of the tabs change the number in the sortorder box and click "Update Tabs" at the bottom of the screen.

Copy Tabs From Another Product:

  1. Choose the category of the product you wish to copy from in the "Copy Tabs" box.
  2. Choose the product from the products drop down.
  3. Click the "Copy Tabs" button.