Tagging - Team Logic Help System


Tagging is available in pages and Store-Logic products within in the "SEO" tab. Tags are used to interrelate content in a meaningful way. They are basically a comma-delimited list of phrases that a user can click on within the website. When clicked, the website will display all pages or products that are similarly tagged. Here are a few tips to tag effectively:

  • Use only a few words per tag. For example, "stereo hookup, wiring harnesses"
  • Use tags specific to that page, do not add generic tags in an attempt to pad the tag list. Filling the list with generic tags will make the cross linking useless to the user. For example if your store exclusively sells electrical supplies, adding the word "electrical supplies" to all products would be meaningless because it would always return ALL products.
  • Think like a website visitor, what phrases would they be interested in while on that page?