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Writing Content with the Page Editor

When we refer to "The Editor" we are talking about the WYSIWYG text editor used to put content into Team-Logic's CMS system, Mail-Logic Emails, and Store-Logic products.

How do I upload photos, files or videos into the editor content? Click Here

Useful Buttons:

  • Full Screen - The editor can be expanded to use the entire screen, clicking it again will return it to the original size
  • Paste as plain text - To prevent formatting problems it is always recommended to paste formatted content (from a word processor for example) as plain text and formatting it within the editor.
  • Paste from Word - If text formatting from a word processor needs to be kept, using this button will attempt to clean up the formatting so it will be consistent and compatible across different browsers.
  • Add/Remove Links - Click here

  • View Source - View source shows the HTML code the editor is creating. Advanced users can paste pre-made code with this method, or tweak existing code.

  • Create Table - Tables can be simple tools to create cells of content for varied layouts, but should be used sparingly.
  • Spell Check - Spell check will bring up a window of mis-spelled words. You may also enable "Spell Check as You Type" by clicking the link shown below:

Tips for using the editor:

  • Styles (CSS) within your website may make the actual site output look different than what you see within the editor
  • This system is NOT a traditional word processor. Web pages have to be viewed by a myriad of different browsers, computers, and situations. The editor tries to make content that will be consistent across the biggest audience possible. That being said, "informative simplicity" is golden when it comes to web pages.
  • If you are writing a huge amount of content, save often. You may also be more comfortable creating a document on your local computer using your favorite word processor before pasting it into the editor.

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