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UPS Freight Rates


At this time, UPS Live Freight Rates is in beta with UPS, therefore any store owner interested in implementing UPS Freight into their store must register for a developer account with UPS. To set up a developer account and obtain the necessary information to integrate freight, follow the steps below.

  1. Register with My UPS if you do not already have a account. If you do, skip to step 2.
  2. Log-in
  3. Request an access key from UPS.
  4. Enter your login information, access key and UPS account number into the UPS admin in your store. The UPS admin section can be found by clicking on the gear icon next to UPS Live Rates in the Operations > Shipping section of your store admin.

If you have any trouble setting up the developer account, please contact your UPS account representative.


Using UPS Freight Rates

Whether or not a product is shipped with freight rates is determined on each product. On the "Product Info" tab of the product edit screen you will see a check box in the Product Dimensions section to set whether the product ships freight or not.

When a customer places items in their cart the items are sorted by whether they are freight or not. The rest of the cart is calculated with regular UPS rates and then the freight calculations are added onto the UPS rates.

You can turn on/off UPS Freight at any time by disabling it in the UPS admin (see above).

Store owners have the ability to add an additional handling fee for all freight calculations in the UPS Admin.