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UPS Live Rates


Must have a UPS account number and all products must have accurate weight and dimensions

Setup Instructions:

  1. Obtain a UPS account number if your store does not already have one.
  2. Go to the UPS admin screen in your store admin in Operations > Shipping and clicking on the gear image to the right of UPS Live rates.
  3. The UPS Tools License and Registration will appear. Follow the on-screen instructions to register your store to use UPS Live rates.
  4. Once you have completed registration you are given a menu of UPS options. Be sure to configure these options correctly for your UPS account or your rates will not be calculated correctly.
  5. Once you have finished the registration process and updated your settings, your store is ready to use UPS Live rates. Make sure UPS Live Rates are active by checking that the button next to UPS Live Rates is green.

UPS Settings

Handling Fee: Adds an additional handling fee to the UPS rate returned. This fee is included with the shipping rate and is not displayed as an additional line item

Address Validation: Turn UPS Address validation on/off.


UPS Freight Settings

NOTE: UPS Freight API is in beta status with UPS. You must contact them for access. Click here for more information on freight

Freight Rates: Turns UPS freight on/off

Username: UPS Account username

Password: UPS Account password

Account No: UPS Account number

Additional Handling: Adds an additional fee to the freight rate returned


UPS Account Types

Pick the UPS account type that describes your UPS account. Daily pickup is the default setting and should be left if you are unsure of your account type.


UPS Domestic Live Rates

Choose which domestic rates to include in your store. Only the rates checked will display as options to your customers.


UPS International Live Rates

Choose which international rates to include in your store. Only the rates checked will display as options to your customers.