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UPS WorldShip

Optimize Your Business Processes

Your store has the ability to import order data into the UPS™ Worldship software used for shipping and label printing.

For more information on UPS™ WorldShip and configuring your UPS™ WorldShip software please contact your UPS account representative or go to the UPS™ WorldShip website.


Setup Worldship Export:

  1. Obtain a UPS WorldShip account from the link above.
  2. Download and install the UPS Worldship software on one computer on your network.
  3. Configure UPS Worldship to look for an import file. This will require mapping the fields to the fields in the file.
    Note: does not support this integration. You must contact UPS for issues with configuration.
  4. Download your UPS Worldship export file from the UPS Worldship tab in the export section of your store. This file needs to be saved on the UPS WorldShip computer in the location the set up in the UPS Worldship Export Integration in step 4.
  5. Open UPS Worldship and key in the order number.