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UPS Features

UPS OnLine® Tools Rates & Service Selection

UPS Rates & Service Selection functionality lets online shoppers price and select the UPS shipping service that best fit their needs and budgets. It can be used to generate a list of UPS shipping services tailored specifically for your customer. So, give your online customers a wider range of service levels and rates by adding UPS Rates & Service Selection with Store-Logic.


UPS OnLine® Tools Address Validation

UPS Address Validation alerts customers with an error message if an improper address has been entered. This tool ensures errors are corrected at the point of
entry – long before any order has left the shipping dock. UPS Address Validation uses United States Postal Service® guidelines to validate the city, state, and ZIP or postal code of a shipment. UPS provides up to 10 alternate addresses and an accuracy rate that lets your customers know how closely the address they entered matches suggested addresses.