What is Store-Logic? - Team Logic Help System

What is Store-Logic?

Store-Logic 2.0 is much more than just the ordinary e-commerce engine. First off, it is constantly growing and evolving just as clients needs change so does Store-Logic 2.0. Most online store engines force you into a framework that may not work well in your web site. It is our experience that each online store has unique needs. By passing on the upgrades to our new Store-Logic 2.0 to you, we make sure your store will run as fast and efficient as possible. It is also completely managable by you.

Our technology is designed to make your products come up higher in the natural rankings of search engines like Google® if you enter adequate product and category information. Search engines use a variety of information from your web site to determine the content. We understand the dynamics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and what is needed for it to work correctly. We have designed Store-Logic 2.0 to take advantage of all aspects of SEO.


Our store works side-by-side with our other suites, CMS, Mail-Logic, and our CRM. 

  • add pages to your website
  • add photo galleries to your website
  • add videos to your website without using Youtube
  • manage your website/store's navigation systems
  • upload files to any page without requiring FTP accounts
  • add small applications like blogs, news, many other features


 We use 128bit SSL security certificates which offers banking-level encryption for your transactions as well as a Card Security Code (CSC) code feature which requires that your customers enter the CSC code from the back of their credit cards. We have integrated the best payment processors like Authorize.Net and YourPay, perform real-time risk analysis on the transactions as they are processed.

Shipping functions

Store-Logic 2.0 calculates shipping costs automatically based on total ticket cost, flat rate, product weight, and much more.  Custom rates can be entered for express shipping.  We work with shipping companies like FedEx and UPS to help provide shipping calculations, address
verifications, and more.  Also ask us about integrating UPS Worldship and Google checkout.