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What is CMS-Logic?

In a Nutshell

CMS Logic is a Content Management System/Platform that puts your organization in control of your website. The system contains dozens of important applications that enables your staff to manage your website and your company in new ways. You can add and edit pages, links, files, images, videos, calendars, news postings, job postings, bill payment forms, donation forms, photo galleries, slideshows, download areas, portfolio entries, contact forms, and much more for only about $50 per month.  Phone support is included free of charge.

How CMS Logic will help your organization

The trend today in website management and development is away from a centralized approach, where an IT person or outside web developer have to make all of the changes to your website.   Department heads, marketing professionals, and everyday employees can all contribute to your website in a safe and manageable way with CMS Logic.  At the heart of the system is a security system that controls who in your organization can add, edit, and delete content.   From there, CMS Logic works with our other three application suites (Team-Logic, Mail-Logic, and Store-Logic) to take your website from being a brochure, to being a business engine.

The system comes with a staff Intranet, that enables your staff to collaborate from multiple offices.   Your customers can also log into the system to submit suggestions or work requests into the included request tracking system.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose CMS Logic

  1. Control - Never be at the mercy of a web developer again.  Make changes on your site instantly
  2. Quick setup - base applications setup same-day in most cases.
  3. Flexible Design Options - use your own design, a template to save money, or get a quote for custom design work from us.
  4. Powerful - Completely feature-rich with over 40 applications and three additional suites that can be added easily.
  5. Don't Reinvent The Wheel! - No more programming fees, web design fees, and upgrade hassles ever again.
  6. We've Got Your Back  - Live training and phone support available.
  7. Free Intranet - Secure staff login area with calendars and more for your staff. 
  8. Future Proof! - Feature upgrades each month at NO CHARGE.
  9. Industry-Specific Add-Ons - We offer solutions for municipalities, real estate, vehicle dealerships, ecommerce superstores, medical, and educational companies.
  10. Security - Content in your website cannot be destroyed.   This protects you from mistakes and other site issues.

What's Next?