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What is Team-Logic CRM?

You knew there had to be a way to run your business process online - this is it.

For less than the cost of one cell phone ($50 for 10 employees), you can automate your business online, track all of your work, generate reports, and work from anywhere with this cloud-based suite of business applications.   Stop paying programmers to build something from scratch, and start making money!

No-Brainer Cost Savings and Features

  • $5 Per Employee, with Volume Discounts Available - Similar systems from Salesforce.com cost $65-$150 PER EMPLOYEE!
  • Setup in Minutes - System is up and running in hours, not weeks and months. Setup your system online now.
  • Free Intranet - Get rid of paper for messages, calendars per company department, company rolodex, customer rolodex, and more.
  • No Limits - Track unlimited clients, companies, jobs, customer request tickets, files, invoices, and more.  You are only billed for active employees.
  • Training Availabile - Purchase live training for your staff at setup, or when you are ready for hands-on training. It isn't expensive.
  • Free Phone Support - We've got your back!   Call us toll-free for support with your system at 888-432-7965.
  • On-Demand System - No software to buy, no hardware to buy, no bandwidth to buy, no storage worries, backup included, this saves thousands of dollars every year.
  • Free Feature Upgrades - We add features to the Team-Logic system every week. Your system will get new enhancements and features without interrupting your productivity.  This is one of the biggest benefits of an on-demand system - no upgrade costs!
  • Online Bill-Pay - Improve cash flow with an online bill-pay form for your customers. This is no easy to do.

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