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CMS Logic Features

CMS-Logic is a completely integrated website management solution. Our team will create a website that is extremely easy to manage, highly functional, and that will evolve with the lighting-fast pace of the web. The following features can be included in every CMS-Logic hosting plan.

Page Editor

  • Page Builder/Editor - Easy to use, but full-featured page editor that is similar looking to MS Word's toolbar.
  • Word Document Conversion - Easily take MS Word documents and convert them into web pages. 
  • Link Manager - Easily add and edit links on any page.  Link works, images, and files anywhere.
  • Expert Mode - Work directly with HTML code on your pages.
  • Share pages - Social integration with Facebook and Twitter.


  • Page Drafts - grant "Page Drafter" status to employees to create pages for approval before they go live.
  • Page Versioning - the system stores your last ten page saves in case you make a mistake.
  • Soft Deletes Everywhere - data in your website is never destroyed, even when you hit the delete button.  Administrators can retrieve data that has been deleted. This is desirable for organizations that need to be FOIA compliant.  Hard delete options are available too.
  • Edit Security - Control editing of pages by navigation area and employee groups.

Private Content Areas

  • Create "members only" areas of your website that require a login to view.


  • Rich Event Postings - Add photos, links, and more to your event postings to make them stand out.
  • Public Calendars - create searchable event calendars on your public website that are searchable and that can be filtered by event type.
  • Event RSVP - each event can have an RSVP feature that sends emails to addresses that you enter.
  • Color-Coded Events - choose colors for your event types.
  • Event Suggest - you can allow suggested events for certain calendars, then approve the events before they go live in your site.
  • Department Calendars - pubic or private calendars for your organization's departments.
  • Automatic RSS Feeds
  • Social integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Video Player

  • Add videos to pages, events, and other areas of your website easily.
  • No need to link to YouTube, which helps with your liability exposure.
  • Videos can be added to your media library, and video pages can be built with many video on them.

Flash-Free Slideshows

Add and edit Flash-Free animated photo slideshows on your website.  Adjsut timing of the slideshow, add titles to images, and control hyperlinks from each slide in your slideshows.   Since the slideshow manager doesn't require Adobe Flash, it works on non-flash devices (like iPhones).  Flash can get in the way of standards and usability compliance, so this will let your website reach a larger audience.

Navigation Manager

  • Menu Manager - add and edit links in your website's navigation menu systems.
  • Sliding Navigations - menus that expand are controlled in the CMS, so you can create multi-level link menus.


  • Show pages by category, with a built-in category navigation.
  • Push featured entries to your home page, and your portfolio main page.
  • Photo galleries on each portfolio page.
  • Keyword tagging on each entry, making it easier to browse your portfolio by topic.
  • Sample uses - case studies, tours, testimonials, product reviews, work examples, more.

Media Library

  • Image Library - Automatically resizes and saves 4 versions of uploaded images.
  • File Library  - Easily add documents (like PDF files) into your web pages.
  • Video Library - Upload videos to be displayed inline or as a dynamic popup.

News Article Manager

  • Unlimited news areas. 
  • Automatic RSS Feeds
  • Social integration with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Auto post and expiration of news articles.

Download Manager

  • Create pages of downloadable forms and files.

Job Postings

  • Create one, or mutiple job posting areas in your website with multiple administrators.
  • Built-in application submission form for job applicants.
  • Track and notate applications.
  • Easily activate and deactivate job postings with one click.
  • Automatically post/expire job postings.

FAQ Builder (Frequently Asked Questions)

Simple to use interface for categorized questions-and-answers with dynamic sliding presentation for ease of use.  Built in search engine when your FAQ grows.  Create multiple FAQs, and attach full FAQs to your navigation menus, or one category to the menu.

Search Engine Optimization

A website does no good if search engines don't list it! Every part of CMS-Logic was built with search engines in mind. Create friendly URLs, add custom descriptions, integrate with social media and much more!

  • Google™ Site Search - Create a powerful site search
  • Google™ Analytics - Integrate website tracking without touching a line of code!
  • Google™ XML Sitemap generator
  • Sitemap Navigation Generator
  • Integrated heading tags
  • Custom page titles for each page
  • Custom URLs for each page
  • Hover Text
  • Image Alt Tags

Social Networking Integration

  • Push news, event and page updates to Twitter and Facebook automatically.
  • Unlimited Facebook and Twitter account support.

Banner Advertisement Manager

Upload, manage, and track banners for your sponsors.  Place banner advertisements in multiple areas of your website.  Track click-throughs on banners, as well as impressions.

News Ticker

Scrolling ticker that includes hyperlinks, speed settings, color settings, and font settings.

Contact Form

CMS-Logic includes an interface to customize your contact form. CAPTCHA security is build in.

Customer Portal

The customizable client portal allows users to view news, links, events, and files behind a login. The portal also integrates with Team-Logic CRM for project and ticket tracking.

CMS-Logic Extensions

View our cms extensions page to learn about more features CMS-Logic offers!