Screen Captures of CMS-Logic, Delaware.Net's Content Management System - Team Logic Help System

Screen Captures

This is a brand new website for our CMS software.  We will continually add screen captures to this page, but you can see all of the features of our CMS if you contact us for a demo.

CMS System Screen Captures

CMS Dashboard
This is the first screen that you see when you log into the Content Management System.  It allows one-click access to pages, modules, menus, and applications that you can manage in your website.   Permission levels control who can can edit each area.

Navigation Builder / Manager
Build and edit navigation menus in your website. When you place the links under other links, it automatically creates flyout menus on your website.

Page Types
Build new pages in your site as standard web pages, rich portfolio pages, grid layout pages, photo galleries, video galleries, and more.  New page types added continually to the system as part of automatic updates.

Search Engine Optimization Features

SEO Features For Pages
Meta keyword tag, meta description tag, custom page titles, and blog-style tagging system allow you to target each page for search engines.

Search Engine Friendly URLs
You can design the URLs for your pages, making them easier for search engine robots to read. Other features on this screen allow you to manage how the page is linked in your navigation menus.  Breadcrumb links at the top of your pages can also help users and search bots to read your website.

Security and Administration

Group Administration
This screen capture shows the group administration for a city.  The groups on the left side of the screen are for staff members, departments, and employee roles.    The groups on the right side of the screen create email newsletter groups that the city's customers can be associated to.

Automatic Page Backups
Each page saves the last 10 versions of the edits performed on the page.   This makes it easy to roll-back changes that are made to the page to previous versions.