Team-Logic CRM™ Overview and Features - Team Logic Help System

Team-Logic CRM™ Overview and Features’s core Team-Logic CRM system comes standard with Team-Logic CMS and has full integration with Store-Logic, our eCommerce solution, as well as Mail-Logic, our mass email system.

The Team-Logic CRM system gives your company the ability to receive sales inquiries, contact information on their web users, and the ability to follow-up and track customers that submit information via the website. The Team-Logic CRM system automatically creates tickets and projects when sales inquiries, questions/comments, or contact info is submitted through the website. This maintains a streamlined flow of information, tracking, and follow-up from customer submission to final sale.

The following features are included in Team-Logic CRM:

Pipeline CRMJob/Project Management System

  • Sales Tracking through automated leads generated when a customer fills out a form on your site.
  • Project Management - Managers can be given permissions for different departments to sort, assign, and track projects from inception to completion.
  • AJAX-Powered interface for speed makes sales tracking, customer follow-up, and conversion easy and efficient.
  • Soft Data Deletion - Have peace of mind without the fear of permanently deleting important data and information.
  • Integration with Mail-Logic - Make mass emailing and follow-up easier by automatically generating and sorting mailing lists when a customer submits a form on your site.
  • Job/Project Note System - Create and save notes on any part of the job or project with the ability to attach files and set viewing permissions for internal or customer review.
  • Job Search Engine - Internal search engine built in to the intranet to track down exactly what you need, when you need it.
  • Mobile Version - Access your project information from mobile browsers in a simple to use interface.

Pipeline CRMCustomer Portal

  • Ticket Submission and Tracking provides a portal for your customers to login securely and interact with Team-Logic to submit new tickets and to check on the status of tickets they've previously submitted.
  • Customer Signup System - automatically creates accounts to allow new customers to create work tickets
  • Job Security locks areas of jobs that customers can view
  • Customer Feedback - Customers can upload files and notes to both tickets and jobs

Ticket TrakerWork Ticket and Complaint Tracker

  • Automatic Ticket Generation - Tickets are created in the system when a customer submits a request form.
  • Assign Tasks - Assign tickets to multiple staff members with varying levels of permissions.
  • Create Notes for associated staff members or customers to view.
  • Upload Files such as pdfs, documents, videos, and images directly to the ticket.
  • Reporting - Track a ticket from start to finish by time logged, who worked on it, what customer it was from, and much more.

Time Tracking and InvoicingTime Tracking and Invoicing

  • Track Time on projects and tickets
  • Create Invoices easily from time tickets
  • Time Reports per job and employee

Job Calendars
Job Calendars

  • Set Deadlines - View due dates by month, week, and day
  • PDF Schedules  create printable schedules for staff and customers
  • Filter Jobs by due dates, and other milestones